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Meet Pictavo™
yearbook creation PLATFORM

Nimble, modern and elegant, Pictavo leads the way in yearbook creation software. And, it should! It’s directed by the recognized innovators in our industry. From even the most competitive, journalistic staffs to volunteers creating their kids’ books over a weekend, it’s faster and more intuitive than anything you’ve seen. The platform has been running swiftly in HTML5 since 2017. (Cough. Cough. Ask your current printer about that.) It out-paces the lightweight, scrapbook builders and leaves the old-fashioned yearbook company platforms in the dust.

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Promotional Video_Your Story Starts Here

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Tools designed for the way you work

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Pictavo users not only enjoy best-in-class type functionalitmodular, formatting process, but also built-in timesavers for spread creation like pick-and-choose templates and modules. No matter your experience level, or the goal you’ve set for your program, we’ve developed incomparable solutions to help you create the book of your dreams.

In Pictavo’s art menus, for instance, discover the largest collection of new-every-year predesigned books from any company. Drag-and-drop page templates and art elements onto pages, drag your images (directly from your desktop) to photo boxes and add copy when you want. In a few minutes, you’ll have another finished spread.

Not a template-kind-of-person? That’s cool, too. Start from scratch with our sleek workspace and oh-so-magaziney grid and design to your heart’s content.



Want to know the secret to stress-free yearbook design? Planning.  Quickly see your entire project in Ladder view and organize pages using color-coded section assignments. Got questions? Tap into Pictavo’s extensive online Help system to assit you in planning, staying organized, and feeling confident even if yearbooks are all new to you! 

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Advanced Layouts

No other yearbook design platform has an art library quite like ours. We’ve created collections with your entire book design in mind. Sophisticated templates, snippets, and style guides developed specifically for high school yearbooks make creating a dynamic yearbook both simple and painless.


 Community Image sharing
and more 

Allow members of your school community to easily upload and share photos for use in the yearbook. No need to have parents and teachers cluttering your inbox with loads of image files. Let Pictavo keep them securely organized in the cloud.

Pictavo Community also allows you  to create and sell recognition or business ads securely from any device.

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