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Great books, great support, great value

We offer a simple and fun way to design beautiful yearbooks, with pricing options and support that can't be beat. Our program will save you time and money through features that include automatic portrait flow, picture perfect photo adjustment tools, advanced text features, an amazing art library, and creative page layout options. 

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Personal One-on-One support

We don't simply provide you with a link and an 800 number. You will be partnered with a dedicated Coffee Pond Yearbook Manager who will work directly with you to provide initial training and continuous support throughout the year. 

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Easy to learn online design tools

You don’t need a degree in design or technology to dazzle everyone with your yearbook. We offer thousands of templates, page backgrounds, and clipart, so use them! If you can drag and drop, you can create a great book!


Simple pricing

Just let us know how many PAGES, how many BOOKS and what type of COVER (soft or hard) and we will get back to you with a price. We offer the option to take it year to year, or lock in your low price for multiple years. No hidden cost, no late fees, and no money due until the end of the year. 


Community image sharing

Allow members of your school community to easily upload and share photos for use in the yearbook. No need to have parents and teachers cluttering your inbox with loads of image files. Let Pictavo keep them securely organized in the cloud.

Online Shopping

Online sales system

What a drag it is trying to collect all those yearbook orders, so put our FREE online order system to work for you! Set tiered pricing and generate reports to track sales. Best of all, you focus on creating a great yearbook while we manage your orders.

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