How Coffee Pond is supporting the needs

of our clients during these uncertain times

•     While some yearbook publishers have been forced to shutter their factories, our printing facility has been designated as an essential business and books will be delivered on schedule.


•    If a school is unable to complete their yearbook and/or cannot submit the book, there are no penalties regardless of how much work has been done on the book to date. Schools are only invoiced for books that go to print.

•    Order deadlines can be changed at any time and we can ship the yearbooks directly to families upon request.

•    One of the hallmarks of our program is the flexibility to change the number of pages and/or books right up until submission with no penalties or fees. Never has this feature been more important. 

•    As schools grapple with how to fill pages that were designated for spring sports and activities, Coffee Pond yearbook managers are answering the call by providing exciting, predesigned Current Event content at no charge.

•    Yearbook advisors, staff, and students have access to Coffee Pond’s state-of-the-art HTML5 based design platform, Pictavo. This design platform allows for incredible design flexibility, offering robust tools that operate on both mobile and desktop operating systems alike.

•    Pictavo can accommodate as many users as desired and can be accessed at any time of the day and from any location.